2018 The 11/2 Master Universal Year


2018 The 11/2 Master Universal Year

We’re one month into the New Year – 2018. What are your intentions for this year? Do you feel inspired to heal others? Spread more spiritual awareness across the globe? Be a teacher? You got it right. It is what 2018 is all about. According to Numerology, it is the year that sums up the energies of two different numbers – 11 and 2. Let’s know more about this.


What is this 11 and 2?

11 and 2, more commonly called the 11/2 in Numerology, is the Universal Year Number for 2018. This energy is experienced by all the creatures universally.

Every year has its own numerical vibration. We calculate it by adding up the individual digits of any given year until it reduces to a single digit [1 through 9] or the master number [11]. This is the Universal Year Number.

So, in this case for 2018, the Universal Year Number is 2+0+1+8 = 11.

As per the rule, we have to reduce the number a single digit.

Hence, 1+1 = 2.

People across the world start experiencing the energies of 11/2 on January 1, 2018. And, the vibrations last through 31 December, 2018.

Read on to know more about the energies of Master Number 11 and Universal Number 2.

The Master Number 11

11 is a magical number with adorably intense vibrations. It works magically across all realms and dimensions of creations – physical, magical, ethereal, and transcendental. 11 gives us an opportunity to learn and grow. It offers us a chance to transform our lives to align with our Higher Selves.

11 is the number of intuition. It establishes a purposive and sentient connection between the subconscious, conscious, and super conscious minds.

1, as such, is the number of creation. It is the number of new beginnings. One stands for personal power, leadership, and transformation. 11 brings in the power of one two times, amplifying its properties and healing energies.

11 is an Angel Number too. When 11 appears in front of us, it is a message for us to keep our thoughts positive. It is very essential to be aware of our thoughts. We manifest what we think. So keep them positive and believe in them. As Dr. Wayne Dyer says, we see what we believe.

The Power of 2

The number 2 is all about cooperation and balance. The keywords that define the energies of 2 are

  • Fascination
  • Balance
  • Relationships
  • Taking ownership
  • Certainty
  • Comprehension
  • Lovingness
  • Charisma

So who does 2018 harmonize these energies?

What does 2018 have in store for us?

The overall theme for 2018 with its vibrations of 11 and 2 is love. If you were planning to take your life to the next level, then this is the right time. This year will help us delve deeper into a path of self-discovery, allowing us to realize our True Power.

If the focus of 2017 was on ‘I’, 2018 focuses on the collective energy – the US. With the energies of 2, this year allows us to understand our relationships, allowing us to come closer to our emotions and feelings. 2018 will encourage us to indulge in teamwork to create better future.

As mentioned above, the 11 factor in 2018 gives us an opening to come up new ideas across all aspects of our lives. It is a year of rebirth.

Ideally seen, this year is all about balance – the beautiful and mesmerizing energies of I and US come together. It does look pretty challenging, but with intuition at its highest phase now, we do have an opportunity to create all that we want.

How to harness the powers of 11?

11 is the Master Healer and has therapeutic properties. Whatever choices we make with Universal 11 Year have the power to facilitate hue impacts on the collective spiritual awareness of this Universe.

When intuition and charisma blends with compassion and socializing, the energies run high. The key to harnessing the powers of 11 is to stay grounded and remain balanced.

Understanding ourselves is important to imbibe and enjoy the energies and vibrations 11 offers. We should learn to be responsible for the roles we play in our lives. And, for that, we all need to be true to our thoughts, words, intentions, and actions. We are, at this moment, asked to live our lives to the highest authentic self without falling prey to manipulative ideas.

Though this year might put forward many tests, trials, and tribulations, considering these challenges as life lessons will help us enjoy and make the most out of 2018.

We all have a brand new year lying in front of us to align our thoughts, intentions, and actions to sync our vibrations with the energies of 11. What is your choice?

Our relationships are reflections of our relationship with ourselves. So loving and accepting ourselves without judgments will enable us to strike the balance between the I and Us.

Work with Pari today and create a better tomorrow for yourself.


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