Chakras: The Body-Soul Connection

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Chakras: The Body-Soul Connection

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel or disc. Simply put, Chakras are energy vortexes – the influential centers of energy – located in a human body that act as bridges between the soul and body. While there are many such energy vortexes, seven are viewed as the major ones. These Seven Chakras are located along the spine in a vertical line, starting from the tip of the spine, moving up, and ending at the Crown.
Every Chakra governs a specific area of the human body, meanwhile being responsible for a particular state of the soul. When they are in the balance, the body-mind-spirit experience immaculate peace, joy, and harmony. The slightest disruption to their energy levels could create an imbalance. They could become overactive, underactive, or completely blocked. Knowing the Chakras could help in understanding the body and mind connection, thereby comprehending the reasons behind various conditions. This knowledge could also assist in healing the body, mind, and soul, ultimately set the stage for a wholesome life.

The 7 Major Chakras

The seven primary Chakras are:
• Root
• Sacral
• Solar Plexus
• Heart
• Throat
• Third Eye
• Crown
While the first three have more to do with the material life, the upper three has more to do with our spiritual lives. The Heart Chakra lies in the center, connecting the Lower three with the Upper ones.
The energy moves up from the Base Chakra to the Crown Chakra. The Chakras facilitate our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Understanding and comprehending the Chakras is a journey of discovering our True Selves. And, when we thoroughly realize our true aspects, life becomes balanced, peaceful, and blissful.

Chakras in Balance

When the Chakras are in balance, we will
• Enjoy healthy bodies, in turn, allowing us to flow with the flow of life perfectly aligned with our soul’s purpose
• Be able to stay grounded and balanced, even under the most adverse conditions
• Experience an undeniable emotional balance that will help us remain assertive
• Exude self-confidence in an assertive way
• Live the life we desire
Healthy relationships, satisfactory work conditions, adorable levels of self-esteem, truthful expression, unhindered communication, alluring creativity, blissful sexual life, and impeccable finances are some of the other physical benefits we will be able to enjoy by keeping the Chakra in balance.
On a spiritual level, we will be in touch with our psychic abilities and will have never-ending faith in the Universe. We will be able to know that we are always guided and protected, and whatever happens, they happen for our Highest good.
But is 100% balance and alignment possible in the real life? Well, balanced Chakras do not imply 100% alignment and clearing. The day to day events and moments we come across could adversely affect these energy centers. However, when they are open and active, we will be consciously aware of what is happening. When we are mindful, we will be able to shift ourselves to the higher consciousness with ease.

Imbalance in Chakras

Chakras do go out of balance, at times in a wild, untamable manner. Unpleasant and traumatic experiences, stress, unhealthy food patterns, suppression and repression of emotions, etc. are a few of the reasons why we these energy centers experience an imbalance.
Imbalance = an underactive Chakra or an overactive Chakra
When the Higher Chakras usually are overactive, the lower Chakras could develop blocks, hampering with our material life. And, when the lower Chakras are overactive, we might experience a disconnectedness from the Universe or Source.
In the meantime, blocked lower Chakras manifest in some of the worst forms – addictions to any and all forms of material activities, including overeating, alcoholism, drugs, and sexual fanaticism. We might get so trapped in these aspects that we could even forget that we are Spiritual beings here on a material journey.
And that is why it is essential to maintain the balance of the Chakras.

Balancing the Chakras

We can restore the balance of the Chakras through one or more healing modalities. Some of the common practices that are sought after to balance them include
• Exercises that focus on body-mind coordination such as yoga and Qi Gong
• Meditation
• Working with Tarot/Oracle Cards [Could be beneficial to understand the blocks and how to handle them]
• Journaling
• Breathing practices
• Mudras or Hand gestures
• Using essential oils that are associated with each of the Chakras
• Working with healing crystals
• Reiki
• Pranic Healing
Theta Healing
• Listening or Chanting the Moola Mantras of the respective Chakras
• Crystal singing bowls
We come across numerous daily activities that could either uplift our energies or deplete them. Many experiences are nourishing, while others could be draining. We might also have beliefs and thoughts from our past experiences that could influence our daily life. Balancing the Chakras could help in clearing all those things, beliefs, and thoughts that do not serve us. And, this process is essential to enjoy a balanced flow in our lives that will maintain our energies.

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