9 Ways to Clear Energy From Home and Office

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9 Ways to Clear Energy From Home and Office

Everything is energy. But not all energies are good. While negative energy does not imply we are under the attack of a black magic spell, it is something that we need to take care of. Negative energy, in simple words, is any dense energy that is low in vibration. Another way of explaining it will be something like this – any energy that is draining or is not compatible with our energy levels. It could come from anywhere and anyone. A small injury, a fight with our near and dear one, a tensed working environment, backstabbing in office – there are countless sources of dense, negative energies. And, that is why periodic clearing of spaces is essential.

Let us take a look at nine ways to clear energy from home and office.


Clearing Negative Energies From Office and Home

1. Water

Water is a natural cleanser and energizer. Enrich it with prayer or a cup full of sea salt or Himalayan pink to enhance its cleansing properties. Yes! It does work magic. You can also charge the water by keeping it in the sunlight or moonlight to help you wipe out negative energy. Sprinkle it all around your home to clear the energy and space. Soak yourself in the water or run a bath. You can use it at any time and everywhere. Just listen to your intuition.

2. Smudge with White Sage or Incense

The rich smoke that arises while burning the dried sage leaves cleanses the space and your mind. Smudging white sage could also expel dense spirit energies and uplift your mood. It is one of the most popular energy cleansing tools spiritual practitioners use. It not only clears the space, but it also offers protection.

If sage is not available, you could use black pepper smudge or other incense sticks to clear the energies. Make sure your invite the presence of your guides and Angels as you walk around with the smudging tool.

3. Using healing crystals

Black tourmaline could help to safeguard you from negative energies. It could deflect the negative energies and evil forces and keep the place and people safe. Black tourmaline could also cleanse energies polluted by electromagnetic radiation. It could uplift the mood as well. Place clusters of the healing crystal along your window sills or next to your front door. Doing so will help to keep the energies clean and flowing.

Smoky quartz, amethyst, and selenite are a couple of other healing crystals that could help to clear and to uplift the energies in any give space.

4. Sound Therapy

Music is a healer and energy cleanser. It makes your mind. It cleanses the area. You could find one that resonates with you and play the music. You could also play it and use the other technique mentioned above to cleanse the space and yourself. Native American drums, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Schumann Resonance, and Solfeggio Scale 417Hz are some of the sounds you could try.

If you are using it in office, make sure the place is empty before you play the music as this will prevent the dissipation of the frequencies

5. Clear your space with plants and sunlight

Remove the fillers and plastics from your home and office. Instead fill the room with indoor plants. Plants clear the carbon dioxide from the rooms. In addition to filling up the spaces with oxygen, plants also absorb any low energies prevailing there. You could choose flowering plants according to the flower colors for better sync and coordination of good energies.

You could open the curtains and blinds to allow sunlight to naturally cleanse the office and home area. Sunlight is also a powerful disinfectant; so that will automatically improve your health, and thus energy levels.

6. Eliminate the dense energies with cleansing prayers

There are countless cleansing prayers that you could keep chanting. A simple Om chant could also clear the space and uplift the energies. You can do this alone as you walk around the space or combine it with while sprinkling water or smudging your home. Repeating the cleansing prayer along with the energy clearing sounds is also powerful.

A simple prayer would something like this. “Dear God/Universe, I now ask that this room is cleansed and purified of any and all forms dense, heavy, gross, dross, or negative energies. Fill in your light and uplift the energies, so that love, peace, calm, and happiness indwells here, now and forever. So be it and so it is.”

You can also call upon Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron to clear the space with their powerful healing energies

7. Clear the dense energy with salt

Place clumps of sea salt or Himalayan Pink salt in the corners of your room. Vacuum away the salt after some time. Alternatively, you can dissolve the salt in water and sprinkle water to purify the home and office.

8. Boosting the energies with the aromatherapy solutions

Using essential oils is pretty equivalent to smudging. There are many oils from which you can choose – Lavender, Frankincense, Lemon, Juniper, Yarrow, Black Pepper, Ylang Ylang, etc. Along with clearing the energies, these essential oils fetches positive, protective energy, thus making the space friendlier. You can either use one of these aroma specialists or create a blend that syncs with your energies.

Add a couple of drops to purified water you have filled in a transparent bottle. Shake thoroughly and place the bottle in a place where it can absorb the cleansing powers of the moon and sun for 24 to 48 hours. Your space cleansing liquid is ready.

9. De-clutter the concerned area

Negative energies reside where clutter exists. Clutters are the past. Those are things that do not serve us in the present. They are waste. Clinging to those will only invite the presence of low energies. Offices are no exceptions. It is always advisable to clear the old files and records of previous employees and other unwanted stuff from the office to fetch in positive vibrations.

Every situation is unique and different. Hence, removing the energies associated with them will also be unique. Listening to the intuition is what works here. Feel free to mix and match the techniques as you go with your guts. We will never go wrong.

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