How to Feel Worthy of Your Dreams


How to Feel Worthy of Your Dreams

It is the time of manifestation. It is the time of attraction and co-creation, or at least that is one topic which is in the headlines these days. Numerous teachers are coming with their own tips and techniques to create miracles. The vision boards, journals, visualization techniques, and affirmations – I just do not have any idea how many methods exist. But there are times when we feel that manifesting is selective – only a few deserve to get to live the lives they dream! Even worse, if our dreams actually come true, we restrain ourselves from enjoying that life!

The root of all this menace is a seasoned belief we all have somewhere deep in us – a lie that we were brought up with – we are not worthy of our dreams. But the truth is that we all are worthy. We all deserve to live the life we have in our thoughts. There is nothing and no one, except us, who could hamper the manifestation process.

What exactly can we do to fee worthy – improve our self-worth – so that manifestation becomes simpler? Let’s see.

1. Everything starts with you and only you!

We are our masters. Only we can decide what we need to have and we need not. No one else, including our parents, have the power to dictate our lives. Many of us have been taught to strictly adhere to what our parents and society teaches us, in the process forcing us to feel unworthy of our dreams. To heal this wound, the very first step is to understand and accept the fact that everything starts with you! You dictate your life. No one else!

2. Recognize and accept your true self!

As a child, did we ever rethink when we wanted a bar of chocolate for ourselves? Did we think that we were not worthy enough to receive a birthday gift? Yet, as we grew up, why did we change the way we look at yourself? To this Universe, we are still the little children truckloads of worthiness within us. All we have to do is to recognize the fact that we have been fed with concepts that do not serve us. Eliminate those false beliefs and lessons and accept our true selves – the selfless, loving, and ever-enthusiastic children who do not hesitate even for a moment to ask his mother for that chocolate.

And for us to do that, we should start acknowledging our thoughts, which is what the next para talks!

3. Become aware of your thoughts!

To accept our worthiness, we should start by acknowledging each and every thought of ours. Become consciously aware of our thoughts. Are we berating ourselves? Are we belittling ourselves with harsh and painful words? The moment we catch hold of ourselves doing so, note them down. Read them. How do we feel? Not good, right? So how do we bring ourselves out of this state? Just use a positive statement. 

Let’s say you thought “I am not good enough to wear that dress.” Repeat

the exact opposite of this statement – “I look beautiful in that dress.” Repeat it a couple of times. It does bring in a change as it sends some compelling messages to your subconscious mind.

We can even practice it as a ritual. Write down every negative thought that comes across on a piece of paper. Once the paper becomes full, burn it. As the fire consumes it, we should give ourselves the permission to release all those self-sabotaging thoughts and beliefs that we have in us. Metaphorically, this process of burning is the symbol of transformation.

As the paper burns away into ashes, we need to give ourselves the permission to feel worthy of our dreams! But that doesn’t imply that we need to strive for perfection. Oh yes! We can always be imperfect! That leads us to the next step.


4. Give yourself the permission to be imperfect!

There is nothing called as perfection. No one is perfect in this world. Nothing is perfect. So stop comparing. You are unique and so is your dream. You do not have to prove yourself to every other person. We all do it and have done it. But know that when we start comparing, we are actually hurting ourselves. We all have unique gifts and talents. When we have the stop the attempts to become perfect, we will definitely see the boost in our energies. Our vibrations will shift. 

As our vibrations change, we will find that we are worthy of self-love.

5. Love yourself!

This is something really huge. How many of us genuinely love ourselves – unconditionally and without any judgments? This is, actually, a tricky situation. We do not need any conditions to love ourselves. We feel that we will become lovable only if we achieve something.

Unconditional self-love is the world’s best gift we can ever enjoy. When we drench ourselves in the ocean of love, we will be able to experience an indescribable sense of self-worth and self-esteem. The path ahead will clear up automatically, allowing us to move forward with ease. Dreams will come true miraculously.

6. Be grateful!

When we are grateful for what we have, we will have everything we need. Along with self-love, expressing gratitude for the now, for whatever we have at the moment, is equally important. Even that one thought filled with negative energy should be looked upon with gratitude. Wondering why? Only when that appears, we get an opportunity to understand what we are thinking, giving us a chance to make the conscious shift.

Every moment in life, however dark they look, definitely and unarguably, has something to offer us. To find that ray of light in pitch darkness, we should learn gratitude. The struggle ends the moment we become grateful.

Slowly and steadily, we will soon be carving out the new path of self-worthiness, that will allow us to dream whatever we wish.

Keep a journal and keep writing about whatever you are grateful for. We do not need to keep aside 30 minutes for the process, by if we can do it, the art of journaling becomes a meditative process that will help us to connect better with our inner selves. This connection is what will uplift and boost our energies.


7. Practice self-care!

Last, but not the least, is conscious self-care. Many of us tend to put our spouses, children, family, and friends ahead of us. While helping others is always a good thing, it should never come at the cost of compromising on ourselves – our time – our health. Inadequate or absence of self-care leads to frustration initially. Thereon, it slowly changes its form into anger on others and finally, heightened unworthiness.

Ideally, we should be spending at least 30 minutes with ourselves. The busier our lives are, the more the Me time. Self-care is no more a luxury; it is an essential element of our life that will help us work on all the aspects mentioned above.

As I wind up this write-up, I have a few more words to share with you all. We do not measure self-worth by what we do or the honors that we receive. We do not need anything to assess or measure our self-worth. Self-esteem, in simple words, is our dedication to ensure that our words are right. It is a resolve we all should undertake to establish that our actions and deed are honorable.

And for that to happen, all we need to do is to recognize, realign, reorient, and reposition the beliefs that have shown is the path all these days. It is time to release and let go of all those things and come back to our infallible, authentic self. Once we are in this zone, we will be able to dream with confidence. Centering ourselves on our inherent self-worth will allow us to grow, receive, and share with gratitude.

Still confused on what to do? Book a session with Pari for Yoga, Energy Healing, Theta Healing or Numerology, as she leads you into that world which you dream!


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    Amazing article!

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      Thank you and Keep Visiting our page.

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